Think Differently, Invest Differently

A breakfast at the BAFTA, hosted by Orbis Investments

"The investor's chief problem -- even his worst enemy -- is likely to be himself."
– Benjamin Graham

"In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable"
– Robert Arnott

"To generate superior long-term returns, you need to think and act differently"
– Allan Gray


We invite you to join us for a breakfast session on 25 June at the BAFTA 195 Piccadilly for a refreshingly distinctive take on thinking and investing differently.

Take a step back and think about how and why you make the investment decisions you do...

Using five true stories unrelated to investing, internationally renowned guest speaker Morgan Housel - expert on investor behaviour, partner at The Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal - debunks how people perceive risk, and offers his thoughts on what we as investors can do to make better informed decisions with our clients' money and our own.

See what it can mean in practice with a truly contrarian long-term manager...

Get up close and personal with senior members of the Orbis Investment Team as you hear them discuss investment ideas and what it means to ‘invest differently'.

A morning to sit back, reflect and consider what thinking and investing differently really means to you...


The only certainty is more uncertainty

The last year has been a very difficult one for most investors.
It has offered more than its share of pain and been deeply disappointing for many.
What of the next twelve months?
The only certainty is more uncertainty.
It promises to continue to be a challenging time.
But... successful long-term investing is not about avoiding uncomfortable times.
Rather, it's about having the courage to embrace the rewards that they can offer.
Markets often reveal the greatest opportunities during times of extreme fear, and human nature continues to make contrarian decisions deeply uncomfortable.
It is often the hardship itself that creates the opportunity.
Separating the signal from the noise is easier said than done.
It is a process of constant questioning, learning and decision-making under uncertainty.

Who attends?

This event is aimed at wealth managers, discretionary fund managers, fund selectors, medium to large IFAs as well as other industry professionals (e.g. ratings agencies, platforms, press).

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